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The Basis of Infertility Treatment

Last week I got a call from one of my patients, who conceived after long period of infertility. She called me to remind me that, that very days was the birthday of her son, that is the wealth that she gained after long battle. And even the son tried to talk to me over phone with his soft voice. And this success is really rewarding for any Infertility Specialists.

Now, the inability to conceive- INFERTILITY, the problem is prevalent in our society and is increasing. But majority of common people don’t have clear idea about the concept of fertility and the problems. Ability to have pregnancy depends on many factors both in male and female. Even in a normal couple (where both husband and wife are totally normal), there is chance of pregnancy if they practise regular intercourse in a particular time of the menstrual cycle (around ovulation). And even with that, the best chance is only 15-20%. But within one year of regular trying, 80% of couples manage to conceive. And out the rest 20%, 10 will conceive within next one year and the rest 5 in 3rd year. So, ultimately 5% of couple will have difficulty in conception.

So, we advise, if you tried regularly for one year and there is no pregnancy, don’t get depressed. It may be due to some defects in husband, wife or both; or may be due to chance factor. But we have to make sure that there is no defect in any of the partners. If there is any defect, we will treat that. If no defect is found, then we have to increase the chance.

So, infertility treatment is actually based on stepwise manner. We initially advise some tests and then advise a treatment. If that treatment fails, we move to next treatment.

So, all the time, you have to keep patience. Eventually, majority of the couples will conceive. Don’t give up hope. You have to win the race ultimately






Dr. Baidyanath Chakraborty

Dr. B. N. Chakraborty

Institute of Reproductive Medicine 

** Dr. Baidyanath Chakraborty:(Gynecologist) 

M.O., F.R.C.O.G., D.Sc. 

H.B., 36A/3 Sector-III

Near 12 No. Tank (Near GD Island)

Phone 033 2334-1547, 033 2334-7371, 033 2321-5125; 

D.D. 18/5/1, Saltlake, Sec.-1, Kolkata-700064

Fist Contact (for new patient): 139B,C.I.T. Rd., Ananda Palit, Entally Kolkata-700014;

Phone 033 2244-6587 

Infertility Treatment Done Here.



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Best Gynecology Doctors in Kolkata


Best Gynaecology Doctors / Gynaecologist /Gynecologist in Kolkata : 


** Dr. Baidyanath Chakraborty:(Gynecologist) 



M.O., F.R.C.O.G., D.Sc. 

H.B., 36A/3 Sector-III

Near 12 No. Tank (Near GD Island)

Phone 033 2334-1547, 033 2334-7371, 033 2321-5125; 

D.D. 18/5/1, Saltlake, Sec.-1, Kolkata-700064

Fist Contact (for new patient): 139B,C.I.T. Rd., Ananda Palit, Kolkata-700014;

Phone 033 2244-6587


* DR. Goutam Khastagir:(Gynecologist),

Micro Lab, Near Deshapriya Park; 

Phone 033 2281-3969


* Dr. Aroti Roy:(Gynecologist)

H.N. Polyclinic, 224B, A.P.C. Rd., Kol-4, Shyambazar; 

Phone 033 2475-9530® /033 2555-6244


* Dr. Aruna Tantia:(Gynecologist)

DD-6, Saltlake, Kol-64; Phone 2359-3700, 2337-5061


* Dr. Aruna Ganguly:(Gynecologist)Phone 2337-5239, 2363-0145

* Dr. Ashok Mondal:

46/1G, B.T. Rd., Kol-4(Saraju Nursing Home);

Phone 033 2556-6505

* Prof. Anil Mishra:

Divine Polyclinic,Beliaghata;

Phone 033 2353-6008(Ext.321)

* Dr. Basudeb Chakraborty:(Gynecologist);

Sebayan, Rabindra Pally, Prafullakanan, Kol-59

Phone 033 2571-9161






* Dr. Chanpa Singh:

P-318A,C.I.T.Rd., Kankurgachi, Kol-54; 

Phone 033 2352-8671

* Dr. Debika Tandan:

22/1F, Chakraberia Rd(S), Kol-25; 

Phone 033 2475-1355/2915


* Dr. Dibendu Banerjee,(Gynecologist), Appollo Hospital

Phone 033 2320-3040 / 033 2579-6911 / 9830089083

* Dr. Gita Ganguly:
(Gynecologist), Phone 033 2337-2932;

 CB-34, Saltlake, Kol-64, Divine Polyclinic, Beliaghata; 

Phone 033 2353-6008(Ext.321)

* Dr. Gopa Mukherjee:

3C, Nalini Sarkar St., Kol-4; Phone 2555-5511, 2337-3934

* Dr. Ilorasri Chakraborty:
(Gynecologist), Phone 033 2282-0100

* Dr. Jharna Mitra:
(Gynecologist), 6, Harington St., Kol-17; 

Phone 033 2282-2833,2244-6174

* Dr. Jhuma Bagchi:
(Gynecologist), Ashabari Treatment Centre, Kankurgachi,Kol-54; 

Phone 033 2358-1005

* Dr. Kamala Kundu:

42, Manicktala Main Rd., Kol-54; 

Phone 033 2352-4257

* Dr. Ketaki Chatterjee:


Phone 033 2337-1684

* Dr. Krishna Kanta Ta:

AG-307, Sec.-1,Saltlake, Kol-64; 

Phone 033 2334-8371

* Dr. Mridula Purokaystha:

Phone 033 2559-6027/033 2559-1332

* Dr. Mridula Vhora:

9A, K.K. Thakur St., Kol-7; 2233-1511/0242; P-30A, Gariahat Rd., Kol-29, 2464-3530

* Dr. Nandini Bhattacharjee:
(Gynecologist), Phone 033 2223-3820

* Dr. Narayan Chowdhury:
(Gynecologist),CD-148, Saltlake, Kol-64; 

Phone 033 2337-2299

* Dr. Nibedita Brahma:

Sabs Clinic,2A, Chittaranjan Ave., Kol-73; Phone 033 2237-4080

* Dr. Nirmal Das:

P-92,C.I.T.Rd., Kol-14; 2244-6165, Meryland Nursing Home, 

Phone 033 2244-2045/033 2244-2829

* Dr. P.K. Nanda:
(Gynecologist)P-21,C.I.T.Rd., Kol-14; 

Phone 033 2244-1164,2473-2886/5287

* Dr. Pranab Dasgupta:

Phone 033 2240-9276,2247-7897 ; 

33, Ballygange Park, (Brozodham), Kol-19, CMRI;

Phone 033 2456-7700

* Dr. Purnima Chatterjee:

 107, M.S. Sarani,Flat-10, Kol-29 

Phone 033 2466-0728/1022

* Dr. Mrs, S. Chakraborty:

42, Manicktala Main Rd., Kol-54; 

Phone 033 2352-4257

* Dr. Rajat Bhattacharjee:

BD-72, Saltlake,Kol-64; 2334-4440

* Dr. Rajlakshmi Ayer:

CMRI, Kol-27; 2456-7700/03

* Dr Sudip Basu: (Gynaecological Ultrasound & Infertility); 65B Ballygunge Place, Kol-19. Mob.9831592936

* Dr. Samita Pan: 
(Gynecologist),Phone 033 2350-1989,2353-9201

* Dr. Sankar Sankar Dasgupta:(Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon)
Duke Garden, V.I.P. Road, R.B. 29, Ranganathpur, Kolkata – 59,
Phone 033 2500 6798, Mobile (91) 98300 787575  

* Dr. Sankar Prasad Ghosh:

  3, Mohan Bagan Row, Kolkata-700004

Phone 033 2555-5060,033 2350-0264,033 2555-6273;

* Dr. Shashi Jindal(Surgeon):

Divine Polyclinic,Beliaghata; 

Phone 033 2353-6008(Ext.321) 

* Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee:

Phone 033 2280-3926,033 2247-1442

* Dr. Subrata Banerjee:

26A, Lansdown Terrace, Kolkata-700026; 

Phone 033 2242-9632

* Dr. Sudarshan Ghosh Dastider:

(Chamber)Phone 033 2466-3200; 

79/28, A.J.C. Bose Rd., Kolkata-700014;

Phone 033 2244-2131

* Dr. Sukanta Mishra:
(Gynecologist), Phone 033 2475-0038

* Dr. Sukumar Kundu:

BA 5/5, Saltlake, Kol-64; 

Phone 033 2337-1418

* Dr. Sumitra Rahaman:

92B, JHautala Rd., Kol-17 ; Aram Clinic (Boubazar)-70, C.R. Ave., Kol-12; Phone 033 2237-1383

* Dr. Swapan Bhattacharjee:

Divine Polyclinic,Beliaghata; 

Phone 033 2353-6008(Ext.321)

* Dr. Tanendranath Mitra:
(Gynecologist), Phone 033 2557-3204