Input Doctor/Hospital Name Address

Steps to register on this website.


  1. Click on Register
  2. Registering page will be opened.  Fill up  the details, that is  Username,  Email.
  3. Then click on the blue button Register . Note if user name you used already registered by other then error page will be appeared. In this case try with another user name and Register.
  4. Your password will be sent in your email.
  5. Now again open the website  and click on Login
  6. Fill Username, Password and then click on blue button Login .

Thanks for Registering in this site.


Steps to Input Doctor / Hospital /Nursing Home / Clinic etc Name, Address,  Contact Number etc.


  1. Search in the search box whether the desired name already exist in this website. If already exist then see the details. If you want to edit or add more information then write in comment section.
  2. If the  name is not exist in the website then you can put details  in this website.
  3. For that you have to register in this website. If you already register then go to next step, otherwise resister first. For details of registration procedure Click Here .
  4. If you already registered then Login.
  5. After Login a window will appeared. Put the Name Doctor/Hospitat etc (first) box below Quick Press where “Enter Title Here” is written.
  6. Next in second Box (bigger box) Enter Name, Address, District  Phone Number, Route direction, timing  etc.
  7. In next box write name of  category (Such as Gastroenterology /Hospital/Clinic etc)  where “tags (separate with commas) is written”
  8. Then click on Save Draft  button. After that Admin will publish it within 24 hours in the website
  9. You may again login  and enter another details in same procedure.  Thanks